Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. App Reviews

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Love it!

Best app for this purpose on the App Store. 9/10, would recommend.


Its very dependable to use. It helps a lot!

Fun and useful!

Cool layout, easy to use and understand.

Best App

Quite a while ago my instrument panel decided to stop working, starting with my speedometer. Started using this app and if has saved me from many inadvertent tickets. Finally got my gauges fixed last month and found I wasnt paying attention to my regular speedometer because I was so used to this app. Ive gone back to using the app. Easier to read and so much information! Thanks for a really reliable and easy to use product.

Perfect Speed Meter

Perfect Speed Meter; if you set a speed limit it will warn you with a sound and the digits (speed meter) turns red. It also have Google Maps! PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. PS - I would love it is had features of the Nexar app, that gives you warnings of possible collisions; like for example, if you are driving and forget to break when the front car has stopped, Nexar gives you a warning of a head on possible collision before it happens, so we can avoid the accident by applying breaks.


Nice and very useful

Highly recommended

I like this app and I think you should try it too: It is very useful, I have used it walking, in the car, and on the water. I particularly like the feature that allows you to project on the inside of your windshield. It is like a HUD (heads up display) that tactical jets have. You can keep your eyes on the road and not have to look down at the dashboard to check your speed. I very much like the altitude feature. It seems highly accurate. One suggestion for a future version of the software would be some type of indication to tell you if you are going up or down. Maybe have the elevation be green if ascending or red if descending. All in all, highly recommended! Speedometer - Speed Limit Alert and Trip Cost Computer Sent from my iPad

Great GPS app!!!

Been using the free version for a couple of months. Just upgraded to the paid app. Less than a cup of coffee and lots of cool new features. Contacted the developer for a question and he got back to me the same day! Thanks Stan!!!!

Needs more preset speed options!

It is not a bad app, The only problem I see is that it needs more options for preset speeds. Maybe the next update, this app could work with the car adapter called Automatic!

iPod controls, best of the best

I have tried every one of the different speedometer apps, and this is by far the best. Its also the only one that allows you to control your music and is also compatible with Apple Music app too. I dont buy very many apps, but this one is worth every penny of the already low price. The creator is helpful as well and responded immediately.

Great app

Awesome so far! A great app.!

Great App, few tweaks needed to be perfect...

Love the app... Works great with older cars as a cost-effective alternative to replacing the speedometer cable! That being said, it needs the ability to change what is on the HUD. I dont want the presets on the screen as they change by accident... Give access to camera as backdrop for full screen with video and picture capabilities... Allow access to Internet for music playback. I dont use my phone for music storage with all the streaming websites. Alternatively, add soundcloud or similar app integration... Automatic start and stop of trips. with a 5 minute idle period killing it, and then 5 minutes subtracted from trip time... Using system fonts for display... Add GPS routes(I.e. Google maps / Apple maps "directions" capability.) The map integration is there, just bring the routing option also. Make the map function actually usable as a gps and not just a map... Do these and you will be the best speedometer app available...



Like it!

This app is worth every dollar and cents. The options are excellent.

Better than stand alone HUD Devices

I spent $45.00 on a stand alone HUD device which didnt come close to this app in any way. Absolutely the best HUD App on the market.

Purchased $3.99 App

Works wonderfully No problems. Still in learning mode, but already Im impressed. Still room for improvements like with GPS it should automatically pick up areas where set speeds are instead of programming these speeds by the customer. But so far, its great.


Love it!!

Good app. Very solid

The app has a bunch of important features one of which is the black box which will help you keep track of your speed. Im sure this can come in handy if you need to prove your speed in traffic court. Good app.

Owner C&J services

This app has enough extras to keep you entertained with tons of data youll love it

Still the best app for immediate information

I use this app on my motorcycle, and its been a savior!! Local police tend to pick on bikers, especially those of us on sport bikes when in small towns.. I always use the speedo-alert to maintain proper speed in towns to keep the cops off of my back.. The only thing Id like to see added for us motorcyclists is a lean angle display/recorder..

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