Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit. App Reviews

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Awesome app

I love how it works without wifi or data, its sooo worth getting the paid version, even for occasional use

Speedometer is a great app, with new features that round out its usefulness

Speedometer is a great app, with new features that round out its usefulness!! It is the first app I open when I get in the vehicle.


Amazing app for the price! Definitely recommended!

Better and better

I love the update with more options for speed limits. Well worth the price!

Great app.

Nice feature. I use it all the time.


Perfect app for trips..


Nice and very useful

Very good useful APP

Very good useful APP

Great app, lots of fun & quite versatile

Great useful app. Wish I had had this in my working years. Reports would have been so much easier and much more accurate. Lots of fun on trips and helps economy, too.


Love the way new app is Slick and why it where u update on the Web and its free and u can have any questions about the Map / GPS/ tracking information or just anything u can think but all in one + H U D deysplay speed lol

Dont play around with any other Speedo App. Best one

Ive downloaded and tried all the free Speedo apps and used them all for a good period of time. I drive a jeep that is lifted and my speedo is always off a little. This App is by far the best of all the apps out there. Trust the people who have done the hard work for ya and get this app. By far the best one out there. ZombieJeepN out

Scooter Club Leader

I really want to love this app . But if youre looking for velocity accuracy .....this app will leave you 5mph behind . Everything else is perfect and very useful . I used it and I can live with it for other reasons , but in regardless to whats most important you just cant beat the real deal . And thats .....Wired . I love the gps integration and especially the link with different navigation apps . Compass and altitude seem to be in ship shape . Way points always come in handy and track logs I love . Especially when youre riding 2 wheels . Good job overall , 4 stars .

This is the best speedometer app there is!

I absolutely love this app. The speedometer on my dash doesnt work, so I use this. Works perfectly.

Great App

Awesome speedometer and its he only one I know of that has a build in black box that keeps records of your speed for the last 20 mins of driving. Amazing benefit if your in an accident or pulled over.


They spent the time to put useful features into this. Very well thought out!

Well worth the 3.99.

The paid version is well worth the price.

Great App

Just got and am setting it up. Like all new things, it seems to be overwhelming until you start using it. Worth the money.

Best all around dashboard/tracking app!

I always thought this app was the best one for speedo, but I recently used to track a 3600+ mile ride on my motorcycle. I was in contact with the developer and they worked with me and upgraded features to try and help me with my tracking. I think their customer service team is top notch, best in the world. Couldnt be a better app and couldnt be a better team of developers. this is a must have app. Too many features the list but the Speedometer and GPS tracking amazing amazing.

Super App

This is one of the best Apps of any kind, that I have ever used. It does so many useful things and it does them all very well. I use it all the time with an iMagnet mounted iPhone at the top of my windshield. I could not be more pleased.

Great all the way!!!!

I have it for over 2 years, and I said, is time to give a good review. You wont regret it.

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